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Market Intelligence
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  • User Cases and Key Workflows
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User Experience Design
User Experience Design
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Networking and Security Specialization

Network Visibility

Dynamically monitor complex environments. Easily visualize network traffic usage by applications, users and devices

Network Management

Configure network designs and managing deployments

Network Policy

Network content control, unified threat management (malware detection & mitigation, network intrusion prevention)

Event Visibility

Increase awareness through real time and historical traffic analysis. Provide enhanced forensic capabilities with powerful insight into malicious network activity


Customizable to individual needs of executives, managers, customers or regulatory bodies

Identity &

Access Management

Accessing information across disparate systems, hybrid
environments and devices

Threat Intelligence

Exposing actionable information to stay ahead of ever evolving threats and potential attacks

Information Modeling

Intuitive data relationships and readily actionable
information of interest

Customers Say

The designs are forward thinking, powerful and the end users really like them

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    Advanced Threat Detection

    A leader in machine learning with over a decade of experience applying AI to cyber threat detection needed a design partner with a comprehensive hands-on real-world understanding of next generation firewall security capabilities and how cybersecurity professionals detect and address real-time security threats. Ogee Studio focused on enabling customers to better deal with current, emerging and future cybersecurity challenges and providing a comprehensive view of ongoing and contained security incidents. Next generation designs enhanced visibility to threats – providing tools to graphically trace the origin, evolution and nature of internal and external threats on the customer network and to understand their correlation to underlying security campaigns. The solution reduced overall complexity and shortened the investigation cycle enabling their clients to more efficiently deal with the volume, velocity and polymorphic nature of threats.

    Advanced Threat Detection
    Next Generation Network Visibility

    A world-wide networking performance management leader turned to Ogee Studio to create an end-user experience which allowed customers to see network activity that others cannot. An intuitive user experience provided both integrated device management and monitoring of their packet flow switch product line as well as advanced capabilities including the ability for users to specify and deploy re-usable natural language like traffic rules which capture application traffic and transparently redirect it across a custom topology of devices for in-depth analysis. In addition to providing enhanced network application traffic visibility the design allowed for rule-based optimization of bandwidth consumption and guaranteed delivery with self-healing network packet routing. The modern centralized management solution now forms the foundation of their next generation enterprise application and network management user experience.

    Next Generation Network Visibility
    Delivering the Future of SD-WAN

    This Gartner magic quadrant trailblazer in software-defined wide-area networks (SD-WAN) engaged Ogee Studio to provide a cutting-edge user experience for managed-service providers and enterprises alike to quickly and easily configure, deploy, manage and optimize large-scale secure enterprise connectivity. The multi-tenant solution provides the ability to design custom network topologies that meet their business needs and to deploy next generation security, routing and networking services where and when they are needed. Visibility and control is provided through a single pane of glass experience which presents the emerging threats, critical metrics, statistics and status necessary to successfully manage and monitor applications, users and networks. A mobile application provides non-stop visibility to the enterprise security and network services and allows field personnel to easily manage configurations on the go.

    Delivering the Future of SD-WAN
    Connectivity Simplified

    A leading provider of on-demand connectivity which enables enterprises to connect cloud services, managed services and data centers world-wide in near real-time called upon Ogee Studio to design a new user experience that allows their end customers to easily reach their business goals and take full advantage of their state-of-the-art connectivity solution. An intuitive user experience ensures within a few clicks a customer can standup connectivity solutions between metros, countries and continents. Clear visibility to network utilization, key performance metrics and thresholds allows customers to dynamically adjust bandwidth to meet their evolving business needs and deploy advanced configurations that guarantee reliability, availability and optimal usage of their network resources as well as manage costs.

    Connectivity Simplified
    Optimizing Wireless Networks

    A recognized world-wide provider of wireless network measurement, test and performance optimization solutions engaged Ogee Studio to deliver an end-to-end user experience that allows enterprises to schedule field personnel to perform on-site Wi-Fi network measurement, to centrally manage test results, to analyze Wi-Fi performance and spectral usage, to recommend optimizations of Wi-Fi network deployments, and to provide comparative analysis across multiple test runs to ensure continued optimal deployment. The solution included a tablet-based mobile application used by field personnel to easily conduct single pass tests – providing in-field visibility to site measurement coverage and metrics, enterprise and rogue wireless networks characteristics, and on-going analysis of end-user application performance.

    Optimizing Wireless Networks

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